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Economic and Social History at Utrecht University

As a group the economic and social historians at Utrecht University are actively involved in a number of different educational programmes. In all our courses we confront students with the relevance of historical research for current-day problems and highlight the use of interdisciplinary methods.

Maarten Prak delivers a number of the lectures and has long been involved with the 1st year course Early Modern History. He, Oscar Gelderblom, Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk and Sarah Carmichael are also involved in the course “The City in History”. Jan Luiten van Zanden, Jessica Dijkman, Gerarda Westerhuis, Bas van Bavel, Oscar Gelderblom and Sarah Carmichael are the teaching team for the thematic package “The Great Challenges” which is a series of four courses that students can choose for in their second year (for more information on see the tab above).

Jessica Dijkman is the coordinator of the masters programme History of Politics and Society. This programme is a collaboration between Economic and Social History and Political History. One of it’s key elements is the inclusion of an internship where students work at masters level in a whole array of different organisations. Tine De Moor and Anita Boele have overseen much of the arrangement of the internship programme and established long-lasting relationships with various organisations that repeatedly participate. For more information about the programme see here: