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Inequality: Natural or not?

In a recently published piece in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science Bas van Bavel (with co-authors from the Environmental Sciences department of Wageningen University) argues that maybe some of what we see in terms of contemporary rampant inequality stems from patterns to be observed in the natural world.

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Is there a future for entrepreneurship in the current market economy?

On the 3rd of October 2017 our very own Bas van Bavel gave the King Willem 1 lecture. This was for a gathering of senior figures from the corporate world, as well as the royal couple who were brought together for the announcement of the winner of the Koning Willem 1 prize, the national prize…

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Piketty and the Charter of the Forest

With the recent publication of the Paradise papers yet another glimpse has been given into the ways the financially blessed avoid paying their fair dues  back into society. It wasn’t as if we didn’t already know this. The coverage and revelations echo closely those as a result of the publication of the Panama papers last year. This…

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