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Deadline for applications for the SCOOP programme. 10 PhD positions, within the context of the SCOOP programme – Sustainable Cooperation – Roadmaps to a Resilient Society are currently open to applications. Positions 3 and 5 have an explicitly historical focus;

3: Accommodating Newcomers in the Labour Market 

5: Running the Family Business: Stakeholders, Values and Reputation 

Bas van Bavel and Tine De Moor are closely involved with SCOOP which is a research and training centre dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of sustainable cooperation as a key feature of resilient societies. The centre connects research groups from sociology, psychology, history, philosophy, public administration, research methods, and statistics. In May 2017, the research program Sustainable Cooperation – Roadmaps to a Resilient Society was awarded a research grant in the Gravitation program of The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). These 10 PhD projects are just some of the 60 to be offered in the coming years.

The SCOOP program will be conducted at the Universities of Groningen and Utrecht, but also at Amsterdam VU, Rotterdam, and Nijmegen. Candidates will be employed at one of these Universities. In addition to following the regular training program of their discipline, they will participate in the interdisciplinary inter-university SCOOP training program. During the training, they will work on their own project, in close collaboration with other SCOOP PhD candidates, and under supervision of an interdisciplinary team of senior researchers.

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