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Cheap labour causes lazy capitalism

The slowdown in labour productivity growth since the early 1970s means that more and more labour input is needed for economic growth. The crux of the problem is that the neoliberal offensive as it took shape in the Netherlands after 1982 has not only led to greater inequality but has also been accompanied by the…

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Teaching Tips

Terms started for Dutch universities on the 5th of September but many British universities only go back this week. For some universities this is the Michaelmas term, coinciding with and named for the week of the 29th of September, the Feast of Saint Michael and all Angels. The original biblical association is with the archangel…

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How to measure the impact of slavery on the early modern economy?

Written by Jan Luiten van Zanden NWO, the National Science Foundation of the Netherlands, has a usually rather boring glossy in which it presents the successes of the research funded by the organization. Recently, however, it published the summary of a debate, significantly printed in black and white, about the importance of the slave trade…

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